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There are two main entrance to Mt Rinjani National Park: Senaru Village (North Lombok) and Sembalun Village (East Lombok). For those who heading up to summit of Rinjani, Sembalun could be the easier trek entry point. And for those who heading up to Crater Rim or Segara Anak Crater Lake, Senaru will be most recommended. Both entrance are challenging and requires good level of fitness. The first route start from Sembalun Lawang Village and finish at Senaru Village and the second route visitor also can decide to start different direction, start from Senaru Village and finish at Sembalun Lawang Village. Both of the these starting point is legal entrance gate for trekkers who would like to do trip to mount Rinjani. If any other visitor trek up through other gate would considered as illegal visitor

Communities and Lifestyles
According to the percentage of population on Lombok Island are mostly sasak ethnics, most slopes surround Mt. Rinjani National Park populated by the indigenous Sasak population and only some small area found group of balinese stay side by side.
For Sasak and Balinese people of Lombok revered Mt. Rinjani as a secret place and abode of deities, Segara Anak crater lake is the destination of thousand of pilgrims. They do secret annual ceremony on beginning of rain season, place offerings in the water and wish to a good intensity of the rains during rain season for farming, bathe away disease in the hot springs.

The highlands are forest clad and mostly undeveloped. The lowlands are highly cultivated by the local people who lives around. The major crops grown in the fertile soils of the island are rice, soybeans, coffee, tobacco, cotton, cinnamon, cacao, cloves, cassava, corn, coconuts, copra, bananas and vanilla.


Rinjani Trekking Maps
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Mt Rinjani trekking maps


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