Rinjani National Geopark


Lombok Island is mostly well known by its’ beautiful and original panorama. It is rarely has a human interference with its’ beauty, so once you have your visit, it will give you an extraordinary experience. Some tourists found its’ more natural and eloquent compared to other Islands. Rinjani is the highest active volcano mountain that stood still. It has 3726 meters above the sea level. Within its highest peak, Rinjani mountain offers you undeniable adventure as well as an adorable sightseeing which will amaze and satisfy your personal satisfaction for seeking natural beauty such as Segara Anak lake, Rinjani caldera’s wall, caldera of Segara Muncar, Baru Jari mountain, Savanna, Kokoq Putih, Tiu Kelep waterfall in Senaru and many more.

Segara Anak lake awaits you for its’ fresh and amazing clean water. It is the perfect place to release stress and burden of life while enjoying fishing or swimming in a quite, relaxed, and free of pollution environment. Besides, there is caldera’s wall of Rinjani and Segara Muncar which will fondle your eyes with its magnificent landscape. Furthermore, Baru Jari mountain (a new born mountain); with its lovely and fancy natural beauty, will absolutely enrich your life and grasp yourselves to its elegance.

It will becoming your greatest experience if you have yourselves lay down,drink a cup of coffee while you enjoy the Sunshine on the top of Rinjani mountain. And after that you can enjoy bathing in the hot spring with your beloved one and share the happiness to others. In addition, you also have many options to enjoy other places of tourism attraction which will offer different experience as well as natural touch. Tiu Kelep waterfall for example,which is located in Senaru village, offers you a great adventure. Its astonishing outlook, offers to you all to access its wonderful scenery and enjoy it for your own sake. It is worth a thousand life to visit Lombok and Rinjani Mountain once in your life.


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