We are receive the payment via online :

  • You could send us by Bank Wire Transfers to our Bank Account (The process will take at least 5 bank working days to receive)
  • You could send us your payment via Western Union service will be received in a day which your digital transfers code from western union needed to draw it.
  • Credit Card (Mastercard, VISA, Payoneer)
  • Money Gram

Payment Term & Condition as follow:

To avoid the hassle prior to date of departure or on your arrival date from your origin country. 25% of deposit or any payment transfer is required before arrival date. However, full of pre-payment will be required during the meeting service, with our representative in Lombok. Prior to joining your selected trips, cash payment will be accepted during the meeting service. All payment can be made in Rupiah (Rp), USD, Euro. Australian Dollar, or Pounds, based on the exchange rate at the time of transaction.

rekening baru

Cancellation and refunds

15% cancellation fee will be applied, which cancellation made at 36 hours prior to date of departure. However, no refund for cancellation with in 36 hours to the date of departure; or for failure to show up at your departure time.

Medical Informational

All participants in "Qimi Summit, Trips, should be fit and healthy!
It is recommended, that all people with any medical problems or dietary restriction please tell us well, before departure, so as they maybe catered for. It is recommended to bring along with you any personal medication, also; some bands-aid, antibiotic, anti malarias, aspirin for headache, etc. (for tropic region)

Limitation of Liability

Qimi Summit, acts only in the capacity of transport companies, hotels, carrier, and other contractors, that connected with its itineraries. Will no responsibility for any loss, damage, injure, including death, changes of schedule, irregularities, etc. which are beyond of our control.

Travel Insurance

"Qimi Summit", highly recommend, to bring your own travel insurance. You are entirely responsible for arranging travel insurance on your own, prior to trips departure-date. "Qimi Summit accepts no liability and any reason for travelers who don't carry traveler’s insurance.

And Finally

We take great pleasure in thanking you for joining us via our website. If you do need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us or email us via Contact Page.