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Welcome to Qimi Summit Website, Rinjani Trekking Guide & Porter Community. We provide all information about trekking program packages, professional guide and porter, climbing and trek to Rinjani mountain Lombok island volcano Indonesia Asia, and service with safe, fun, exception, and help you to finding unforgettable experience in your life time at the excellent nature of adventure to Rinjani mountain Lombok island volcano Indonesia Asia.

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With more than 20 years experienced in Trekking Industry we will sure your amazing trekking adventure. We are base in Mataram CIty. Also we have representatif office in Senggigi, and Senaru Villages (one of the Rinjani Trekking starting point) in North of Lombok island. 

We organizing all of your trekking equipment, professional english speaking guide, porter, meal, transport and inssurance. Just Click which programs that you want and we will assist you with smile. 

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Segare Anak Lake, Rinjani Mountain Lombok

Source of Mysterious Medieval Eruption Identified

F. Lavigne et al., PNAS Early Edition (2013) Big bang. In 2006, the caldera atop Samalas volcano (top) measured roughly 9 kilometers across and 800 meters deep. After reconstructing the

Mount Rinjani Volcano Mystery

Deadly 13th-Century Volcano Eruption: Mystery Solved?

One of history’s great disaster mysteries may be solved—the case of the largest volcanic eruption in the last 3,700 years. Nearly 800 years ago, the blast that was recorded, and

Rinjani Trekking Maps

Rinjani Trekking Map and Route

There are two main entrance to Mt Rinjani National Park: Senaru Village (North Lombok) and Sembalun Village (East Lombok). For those who heading up to summit of Rinjani, Sembalun could

Mount Rinjani trekking Season Info

Rinjani Trekking Season CLosed

The Mount Rinjani National Park AUthority has closed the Gunung Rinjani volcano to trekking, effective from 10 January 2014. All tourist gateways to Mount Rinjani – including Sembalun, Senaru, Torean,